Must Eats in Austria

The birth place of Arnie has a lot more to offer than cool accents and beautiful music! Much like its neighbours, Austria is a country which feasts on hearty meals in the winter and beer all year round. Here’s my list of must-eats in Austria!

Weiner Schnitzel

Considered the national dish of Austria, the weiner schnitzel is the most popular item you’ll see on menus around the country. Made from either pork or veal, the schnitzel is usually served with a side of potatoes.


You’ll find these absolutely everywhere! In English, the Mozart ball is a chocolate snack/ souvenir, handmade to perfection. The ball of green pistachio marzipan is covered in a layer of nougat and a coat of chocolate. I wasn’t a fan, because I’m not a fan of pistachio or marzipan, but they’re worth a try!


You can’t go without dessert, am I right!? So go ahead and order the traditional apfelstrudel. The warm pastry dish tastes better here than it does anywhere else in the world. Served with cream, custard or ice cream, it makes the perfect winter treat.

Erdapfel Salat

Potato salad is served as a side dish at a lot of restaurants but it’s a national staple that you’ll definitely have to try. You’ll often find it accompanying a weiner schnitzel. Next time you’re ordering your weiner schnitzel and you have a choice of the side, forget the fries and go for the erdapfel salat.


Austrians love their coffee and they have a lot of their own variations. Be sure to try something local, head into a small café and order a “hitch”, a small black coffee. Wine and beer are also popular beverages which you’ll have no trouble finding.

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