Must Eats in Germany

Germany. The home of sausages and beer. But there’s more to this country’s menu than meets the eye. If you’re travelling to Deutschland there are a couple of culinary delights that are considered a must-try.

The delicious combination of steamed and fried pork sausage and curry powder is pretty easy to find, especially if you’re in Berlin. Not only are there plenty of food carts lining the streets, but there are also signs to lead the way. A great food-to-go, currywurst makes for the perfect afternoon snack or late night pick-me-up.

Just like currywurst, you’ll find pretzels pretty much everywhere in Germany. Head to a German beer hall or restaurant for the real deal. They’re usually hanging up or baked fresh to order so keep an eye out for the menu.

If you’re not a fan of the curry powder and sauce covered sausages, be sure to try them in another way. If you like them short and fat, go for the knackwurst, often served on a bed of sauerkraut, or opt for the Bavarian white sausages, made predominately from veal, boiled and served with a side of pretzel.

Bier, bier and more bier
With years and years of history in beer, Germany is certainly the country you want to be in to try it.  The most sought after beer in Germany doesn’t come in a bottle and doesn’t come with a name. It’s simply any brew served in a ridiculously large glass that most struggle to lift to their mouths. If that sounds like the bier experience you’re after, be sure to stop off in Munich. Most breweries in Munich also have beer halls where you can sample their own house brews.

Ritter Sport
You’re probably thinking “why should I go out of my way to try a biscuit?” but these aren’t just any biscuit. Ritter Sport make delicious biscuit and chocolate varieties which are cheap and utterly delicious. Be sure to bring some home with you!

It seems every European country can produce amazing chocolate. Kinder is the chocolate you’ll want to try, manufactured in Germany. The chocolate is available in all shapes and sizes, including the infamous egg which comes with a toy inside.

The famous orange and cola drink is served at most restaurants, take aways and supermarkets in Germany which is great if you’re like me and you don’t drink alcohol. It’s the perfect way to keep up the traditional authentic culinary experiences of Germany without drowning in a litre of beer!

What are your favourite German foods? Don’t forget to check out my review ofUnsicht-Bar!



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