Must Eats in The Netherlands

The Netherlands are more widely known for their particular stance on drugs and the sex industry. But it’s also a country home to some delicious foods. Sink your teeth into the authentic flavours of The Netherlands.

Hot chips and Mayo (Patat)
Yes it sounds pretty weird, especially if, like me, you grew up in Australia where the only sauce you put on hot chips was tomato. But grab a lot of chips from a food cart in Amsterdam while you’re there and I guarantee you won’t regret it! The thick cut chips are served in a paper cone and topped with mayonnaise. It’s not as weird as you think. But I probably wouldn’t be in a rush to eat them again.

Waffles with Nutella and Stroopwaffels
There’s only one word to describe the waffles in The Netherland and that’s: delicious! Waffles are made fresh to order so they’re warm enough to melt the Nutella. But stroopwaffels are crunchy and more like a cookie.

Cheese is a huge staple in the Dutch diet so get your hands on some locally made cheese at a restaurant or supermarket. We were lucky enough to visit a cheese farm just outside of Amsterdam where we were treated to free samples of locally made cheese. YUM!

These tiny pancakes are so good that even the locals line up for them! If you’re visiting in winter you’ll see carts selling them along the main roads so stand and wait in line until you get some because you’ll regret it if you don’t. They’re also really cheap too.

Raw Herring
I’m not a fan of seafood and I very rarely eat fish so I wasn’t game enough to try raw herring but if you do eat seafood it’s considered a must! You’ll find the famous Dutch fish at restaurants, on sandwiches in cafes and sold from carts around the city.

What are your favourite Dutch delicacies? Let me know in the comments below!

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