Unsicht-Bar Dark Restaurant Berlin Review

Forget about the sense of sight when you dine at Unsicht-Bar dark restaurant in Berlin.

Upon entering the restaurant, you are given time to look over a set menu where each of the three course meals is written in the form of a riddle. You’ll get to pick from a poultry, beef, river and sea, surprise or vegetarian based menu but you’ll struggle to decipher exactly what it is you’ll be eating.

The wait staff (and the people you’ll be putting all of your trust in) are legally blind and know their way around the restaurant better than anyone. They’ll guide you through the dark room to your seats and help you feel around for your cutlery and drinks before bringing out your meals. Best of all, staff encourage you to use your hands as much as possible. So ditch the knife and fork before you make a mess of yourself.

Once the meal is over you’ll be guided out by your waiter/waitress where you can wash up if you happened to make a mess. You’ll also be told what you ate! For me that was the best part because it made me realise how much I suck at riddles.

TIP: You probably want to make a booking if you’re planning on eating here, they can get pretty busy. It’s also pretty pricey but if you’re in Berlin and you’re looking to try authentic German food with a twist, it’s worth it!

For a dinner that’s fun, exciting and rewards you for playing with your food, book a table at Unsicht-Bar.

I give Unsicht-Bar five-stars.
5 stars

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Gormannstr. 14
10119 Berlin-Mitte

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