Rome: Romoli Hotel Review

A little comfort close to the city

Italy is renowned for having some of the worst hotels in all of Europe. I’ve stayed in a couple of hotels in Italy and Romoli Hotel was definitely one of the better ones. The rooms here are more spacious compared to others in Italy.

Located close to public transport, you won’t be able to walk to the city centre from here but it’s really easy to hop on a train or bus.

The room features a kitchenette in the wardrobe and space for all of your bags and belongings.  There is a spacious bathroom with a shower large enough to stand in which was a nice surprise seeing as previous shower experiences in Italy haven’t always been good. There’s access to free WiFi too! We were served a buffet-style breakfast on the top floor which has some pretty beautiful views.

You might have to carry your luggage up the stairs though which can be a bit of a hassle, especially if your room is located a couple of floors up. Luckily for us we only had to deal with one set of stairs.

I think given the reputation for Italian hotels, Romoli is pretty good. However I wouldn’t go so far as to stay there again.

I give Romoli Hotel three stars.
3 stars

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Via della Caffarelletta, 
114, 00179 Roma, Italy

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