Convenient, comfortable and affordable

Blue Square Hotel is located close to the centre of Amsterdam with a tram stop directly outside the front of the hotel. The rooms here are very open and spacious. The shower could be better but overall the bathroom isn’t too bad and there is so much space in the room it kind of makes up for it. My boyfriend and I stayed in the standard double room.

The hotel isn’t located in the city centre which is a relief because it can get pretty loud there. Public transport is so easy to use in Amsterdam that it’s not a hassle staying a little outside of the city. It’s a great way to save money on accommodation too.

We stayed at the hotel in winter and the rooms were heated perfectly, there was no over-heating thankfully. The buffet breakfast isn’t very big, there are only a few foods to choose from and they range from toast to cereal. There’s nothing very Dutch about the breakfast menu. The dinner menu is more authentic though if you do choose to stick around and have dinner at the hotel.

Overall the hotel is a comfortable and affordable option and well away from the noise of the city. However, getting home from a night in the city is a little annoying when it’s snowing and freezing.

I give Blue Square Hotel three stars.
3 stars

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Blue Square Hotel
Slotermeerlaan 80, 1064 HD
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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