Must Eats in France

France is home to some of the most exquisite cuisines in the world. Often associated with frog’s legs and snails, the French have quite a different set of tastebuds when it comes to food. Travelling around France gives you the chance to sink your teeth into some of the most delicious foods on offer.

Here are just some of the foods you should try when travelling in France.

Don’t let the thought of eating snails get the better of you. They don’t taste too bad, honestly! Stick to the main tourist areas and you’re bound to find them on the menu but if you’re looking for more traditional French dishes, find restaurants and cafes that are hidden away from the main streets. Escargot is often cooked with a garlic flavour, making a beautiful start to any meal.

Nutella Crepe
You’d be silly not to try one! You’ll find carts and small cafes down the main streets in Paris, such as Champs Elysees, selling freshly made Nutella crepes. Made to order, they’re the perfect pick-me-up food if you’re travelling in winter.

French Onion Soup
If you’re travelling to France in winter, French onion soup is a must! Made with crusty bread on top, the soup is not only warm and delicious but it’s usually cheap and filling too. Try it at a traditional French restaurant or enjoy it at the Moulin Rouge.

Macaroon and Eclairs
If there’s one thing the French do best, it’s pastries! Have you ever eaten a macaroon the size of your hand? I have! The French don’t take their pastries lightly so harness your inner sweet tooth and dig in. There’s no such thing as a diet when you’re on holiday.

Most sandwiches you’ll get in France will actually be made on a baguette so you’ll definitely come across them. Topped with a variety of ingredients, such as chicken, salad and ham, you’ll be able to try a variety of flavours. Don’t forget to try one with French cheese – it’s delicious!

Croissant with Coffee
Wake up to a classic French breakfast of croissant and black coffee. You’ll probably be able to enjoy them at your hotel but get to a café and dine the traditional French way for breakfast. The best croissant you’ve ever tasted is waiting for you in France!

Don’t forget to check out my Paris city guide! What are your favourite French foods?



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