Mission Bay

Mission Bay is quite possibly the most popular beach near Auckland. Even on an overcast day you’ll find people walking along the shore, kids on the playground and plenty of people enjoying the local restaurants.

Catching a bus from the city to the beach is really very easy. Get a bus from Queen Street in the heart of the city and enjoy views of Auckland and the water the whole way there. You’ll also pass attractions such as Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium on the way. If you’re driving into the beach, there is plenty of parking available. But keep in mind the beach can get pretty busy on a warmer day!

The restaurant strip is home to a number of different restaurants to choose from. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Most of the restaurants and cafes are a little on the more pricey side but there are a couple of options suitable for those on a budget or those set with the task of feeding an army for a family.

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Mission Bay
New Zealand

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