Kriens: Hotel Central Review

Small rooms and silverfish

If I could offer you any advice when choosing a hotel to stay in it would be to avoid this one. Despite the good location and the beautiful view from the window, the rooms were small and yes, we found bugs.

During winter the hotel rooms no doubt get wet but that is no excuse for bugs in the bedroom. The roof of the room was slanted, meaning you had to duck to get to the window. I’m not a very tall person so the average-heighted and tall people would suffer here.

The bathroom was also tiny and the light was very dim.

Luckily for us we only spent two nights here and that was too long! There was free Wi-Fi but only in the dining room, not in individual bedrooms. The hotel is also split across two buildings. So if you’re travelling with friends there’s a good chance you will be staying in different buildings.

Lucerne is a beautiful city so don’t forget to check out my blog on why it’s worth a visit! Just don’t stay here.

I give Hotel Central Kriens one star.
1 star

Have you got a favourite hotel in Switzerland? 


Waldheimstrasse 1, Kriens 6010

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