Must Eats in Switzerland

The home of chocolate, army knives, watches and mountains, the Swiss know a thing or two when it comes to food.

Cheese Fondue
The only thing that can compete with chocolate fondue is cheese fondue. Served with crusty bread, the cheese dip is warm and creamy and made with a mixture of different Swiss cheeses. My boyfriend doesn’t eat cheese and doesn’t like cheese but even he couldn’t resist a taste of the fondue!

Toblerone and Lindt aren’t the only chocolate brands in Switzerland! Their rich and creamy chocolate is simply irresistible. Cheap and delicious, you’ll want to buy as much chocolate as you can. My favourite Swiss chocolate is Munz.

Much like a hash brown, these potato cakes are the perfect side dish to any dinner meal. They’re delicious in winter when you’re craving warm carbs.

Enjoyed with tea or coffee, bűndnernusstorte is a delicious pastry with a caramelised nut-filled centre that really hits the spot. Enjoy with friends for afternoon tea or treat yourself to a delicious dessert.

Don’t forget to visit Lucerne when you’re in Switzerland! 



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