If you want to explore more than just Auckland but you can’t afford to travel very far, I suggest to you Devonport. The little island town sits just across the bay at a 10-minute ferry ride away. There are a number of services which run throughout the day so you can take as little or as much time to explore the town as you want.

Devonport is known for its scenery and heritage buildings. But better than that, Devonport is a village. It’s got everything you could ever want in a small town, from friendly locals who are willing to show you around, to white sandy beaches that will keep you cool.

Hop off the ferry and make your way up Wynyard Street for book stores, cafes, restaurants, second hand stores and chocolate shops.  Oh and there are a number of pubs around to satisfy your craving for a cold one.

If you’ve got the day to spare, take a trip to Devonport. You won’t be disappointed!

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New Zealand

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