Sydney: Pandora’s Restaurant Review

Perfect for family dinners and dates

Pandora’s Restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve ever eaten at. Being Italian myself, I have pretty high standards when it comes to good food. And no, no restaurant has ever been able to top Nonna’s cooking. But Pandora’s comes pretty damn close.

I ordered the spaghetti bolognese like I always do – I think you can truly judge the quality of food by tasting the good ol’ spag bol first. The pasta is made fresh daily and it really is the freshest I’ve ever had at a restaurant. The sauce was amazing too.

The portion size is great for the amount you pay which is a little expensive for something in Rouse Hill. The price is more than worth it though. You’ll find yourself wanting to tip the waiters and cooks even more for their awesome service and great food.

The atmosphere is great. The music isn’t loud and the lights are just dim enough. Pulling into the car park you can smell the amazing grill food straight away – just as you should at an Italian restaurant. The servers are polite and friendly and really know their dishes. The menu isn’t the biggest, but it has enough food to pick from. There are great desserts to pick from too. We went for Pandora’s box, a secret and surprise selection of desserts from the menu.

I can’t speak highly enough of this place, it really is a great family restaurant. It’s going to be hard to top!

I give Pandora’s five stars.
5 stars

Pandora’s Restaurant
3/1 Resolution Place, Rouse Hill
Sydney 2155



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