Horse Riding in NSW

Horse riding is a lot of fun, especially when you’ve got the perfect horse and the right people showing you the ropes. I’ve been horse riding twice and it was some of the most fun I have ever had! Check out the following places for great horse riding in NSW.

Glenworth Valley
Trek through the beautiful Glenworth Valley on the back of one of the 200 well trained horses. Trainers will show you the ropes and guide you and your group through dense bush, water and fields. The horses themselves are the perfect size for anyone. Simply book your ride over the phone, fill out a short form on your experience and confidence levels and the guides will do the rest. They’ll fit your helmet, pick out a horse to suit you personally and show you the basics when it comes to riding your horse.

Glenworth Valley
Cooks Road
Glenworth Valley, NSW
Price: $80pp (+$5 helmet hire) for a 2 hour ride


Darkes Forest Riding Ranch
Wollongong has some of the most beautiful bush land and forestry in NSW and there’s no better way to explore it than on the back of a really big horse. The family owned horse ranch is great for small guided tours. A group of four will be accompanied by two guides, ready and willing to answer any questions you have about your horse or the art of horse riding. The guides will show you how to ride your horse and guide it along the trail, climbing up and down mountains and wading through water. Helmet hire is included!

Darkes Forest Riding Ranch
448 Darkes Forest Road
Darkes Forest, NSW
Price: $55 for a 1 hour bush treck

Giddy up!


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