Post Holiday Withdrawal Syndrome

Anyone who’s travelled will know immediately what I’m referring to when I mention ‘post holiday withdrawal syndrome’ or PHWS. It feels as though I am constantly suffering withdrawal symptoms from my holidays. It seems to me that the bigger and better the holiday, the worse the withdrawal symptoms are. I still find myself day dreaming of being in the snow-capped Alps of Switzerland or beneath the Eiffel Tower.

I find it hard to concentrate with my photo albums beaming back at me. They taunt me constantly, “look through me Ashley, remember all the fun we had?” Well yes photo album, I remember all the fun I had in each of your 6000 photos, but I don’t have time to sit here and look through them all, over and over again!

After dealing with PHWS for years, I’ve taught myself to push through it until the next trip. Here are some of my tips on handling the whole depressive state of PHWS:

  1. Blog about your holiday adventures.
    I’m currently writing to you about my post-holiday state, which probably isn’t as exciting as actually telling you about adventures. But you can read all about those later. Blogging about your trip or anything you learnt while you were away will allow you to constantly tell the world about your travel adventures, thus allowing you to relive the highlights! What more could you want?
  2. Plan your next trip.
    You may be low on money after enjoying yourself maybe a little luxuriously while you were away (not that there’s anything wrong with that ) but why not start planning your future holiday? I have about 5 trips planned; the only thing missing is time off work and of course the money. But at least I have something to look forward too!
  3. There’s nothing wrong with reminiscing.
    Why not share your holiday with friends and family. I don’t mean constantly talking to everyone about all the amazing things you did – people won’t appreciate that. But if there are people who are planning their own holiday, fill them in on any tips you have. I’m sure they’d love the advice. Or maybe you made friends on your last trip who can reminisce with?
  4. Keep a journal.
    Sort of like the first point, but rather than writing about your holiday afterwards, keep a journal while you are away. A friend told me to consider doing that when I went away, at first I was hesitant because I didn’t want to have to set aside time to write about my holiday, I just wanted to live the moment while I was there. But keeping a journal was the best decision I made. I didn’t need to set aside any time; I filled it out while we were travelling between cities or countries.
  5. Scrapbook
    This is something I’ve been meaning to get around to myself- but it has worked for smaller holidays I’ve been on in the past. I save maps, pamphlets, tickets, anything I am given and anything I take from hotels. When I get home I put all of those things together in a scrapbook with some of the photos I took while I was there. If you’re crafty and creative then this is definitely something you’ll enjoy. I’ve made collages on cork boards in the past which works well until you run out of room, so keep that in mind. Scrapbooks are a great memento you can create yourself and look back on in the future.


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