Sydney: Savanas Restaurant Review

Authentic Italian serving sizes but mediocre food

My family took me to Savanas, an Italian Restaurant in Wetherill Park, for my birthday dinner a couple of weeks ago. The restaurant itself is well laid out and spacious so even with a large group of nearly 20 people, we didn’t feel cramped in at all.

The food was well cooked but lacked authenticity. The pasta sauces were very sweet and rich which kind of took away from the rest of the dish. The starter garlic pizzas were great although that may have been due to the intense hunger I was feeling at that point.

The ham and pineapple pizza was a huge disappointment – I’ve eaten better Hawaiian pizzas from fast food chains. The other pizza flavours were better but not worth the expensive prices.

For the price you pay the food is well portioned but not the highest quality. I would expect to pay a little less for the quality of food we received. In terms of a venue for a birthday dinner it was a very spacious restaurant and the staff were brilliant! The food all arrived at the table at the same time so all 20 of us were able to eat together which is a hard task for any restaurant to manage I’m sure.

The staff were also willing to take my cake back into the kitchen and bring it out for me once dinner was over. They were extremely accommodating.

I give Savanas three stars.
3 stars


Stockland Mall
561-583 Polding St, Wetherill Park NSW 2164

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