Must Eats in Denmark

Denmark is a country known for its beer, ice cream and apple Danish. Well, that’s all I knew about it before I travelled there. But there are a couple of traditional and authentic foods you simply must try if you’re travelling through Denmark.

The open sandwich, usually made on rye bread, is the perfect lunch meal. It’s fresh and healthy and a much more exciting way to eat a sandwich. It’s not hard to find a café or restaurant which sell the sandwiches at lunch. I tried the chicken salad but my boyfriend went for the salmon.

Hot Dog Stands
The absolute best thing about walking around Copenhagen all day has to be the cheap and delicious hot dogs. The stands are pretty much everywhere. Don’t expect an American-styled hot dog, these are served on a small and thin roll, wrapped in bacon and topped with pickles and crunchy onion. Delicious!

Much like their smorrebrod, bagels are a sandwich staple. You’ll see a couple of bagel shops throughout the city or you can grab one at a café or 7Eleven.

Carlsberg Beer
If you don’t have time to visit the brewery itself, be sure to grab a pint of Carlsberg at the pub or restaurant. The beer is Denmark’s most popular and is exported all around the world.

Danish Pastries
The Danes are some of the nicest people you will ever meet so pop into a local bakery and ask them for the most traditional pastries they bake. We did that a couple of times and the results were always delicious! An apple Danish is so much more than a simple pastry in this country. Don’t forget to grab a coffee or hot chocolate while you’re there.

Herring and Haddock
Copenhagen is close to the water which makes fish and seafood a huge part of the Danes’ diets. You’ll find the fish on the menu all over Scandinavia, usually pickled. It’s not exactly something I would eat but I did try it.

If you’re after a traditional dinner in Denmark, head to the pub or a restaurant and order something with pork in it. Think roast pork and pork sausages. They’re the perfect side dish to your beer.

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