Must Eats in Norway

Norwegian food is much like that you’ll find in the other Scandinavian countries. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. Norway prides itself on fresh and local seafood. They do have whale meat on the menu but I don’t approve of whaling so I didn’t try it. So what should you try while you’re in Norway?

Reindeer meat is on the menu at almost every restaurant in the country. The further north you go, the better and fresher the meat is. There are plenty of ways to enjoy reindeer meat – mine is roasted over an open fire. If you want to be really authentic, try reindeer meatballs, also known as Kjøttkaker. You can’t get more Norwegian than that!

The best seafood we came across was in Bergen where you can actually visit and eat at the local fish markets. If you are planning on grabbing a bite to eat, head down for breakfast or lunch (yes Norwegians actually eat fish at breakfast) when the seafood is at its freshest.

Moose meat is available in the other Scandinavian countries too, often in the Arctic Lapland regions. Moose is quite a nice meat and tender, often served as a steak. The best we had was at a pub/restaurant in Bergen, served with potato and vegetables. 

These are the berries of Norway. Orange in colour and almost sour in taste, they are often served for dessert with whipped cream. The dessert is known as Multekrem and can be found on more expensive restaurant menus. Cloudberries are a little hard to come by but they’re well worth the hunt!

Nøgne Ø
If you’re thirsty and you want to keep it authentic, you’re going to want to grab a beer. I don’t drink alcohol myself but my boyfriend does. His favourite beer to date is Nøgne Ø. You can purchase the beer in bottle shops and breweries around the world (Beer Cartel is the only place I’ve found it in Sydney) but it’s always best when enjoyed at home.

What are your favourite Norwegian foods?
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