Oslo: First Hotel Millennium

Cosy and convenient

How does free WiFi, a delicious buffet breakfast and a view of the city and the harbour sound? If you’re spending the night in Oslo and you’re looking for a hotel close to everything, comfortable and convenient, then First Hotel Millennium is for you.

Keep in mind the luxurious hotel does come at a pretty expensive price. I stayed there over New Year’s and I could afford it while I was still studying at university and if I can afford it, so can you. And you really do get a lot for what you pay for. We stayed at the hotel twice, both times in a standard double room which costs around 796NOK per night ($133 AUD).

The bathrooms are spacious and the floors are heated which makes leaving the shower in winter much easier. The rooms include tea and coffee as well as buffet breakfast, access to free WiFi and a television (not that you’ll want to waste time watching it). The hotel is located within walking distance from the main shopping and restaurant district in Oslo. It’s also located within walking distance from the harbour, (where the New Year’s Eve fireworks are let off) main attractions, royal palaces and museums.

You won’t have to worry about using a taxi at all when you’re staying here, it’s really easy to get around. It’s also really close to Oslo’s Central Train Station where trains depart for Sweden and the fjords.

The staff at the hotel are great and are more than willing to accommodate you. They also speak perfect English so you don’t have to worry if your Norwegian is a little rusty. There’s an endless supply of maps at reception so don’t forget to grab one and ask staff about the must-see attractions in Oslo. Or you can just check out my Oslo city guide.

I give First Hotel Millennium four stars.

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First Hotel Millennium
Tollbugata 25, 0157 Oslo, Norway

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