Bergen City Guide

Bergen is a beautiful waterfront town in Norway with a number of natural and UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit and admire. Bergen may be a day by train from Oslo but it’s well worth the trip at any time of year. I was there at the end of December so the entire city was blanketed with snow. My boyfriend and I spent just three days in Bergen but we could have stayed there for the rest of our lives. Want to see as much of Bergen in as little time as possible? Wander with me…

Getting Around

Bergen isn’t a large town so getting around by foot is best. Unfortunately if you are there in winter you’re going to have to deal with a lot of melting snow, large puddles and slippery ice covered paths. But it is manageable and the city do their best to clear the snow away as soon as they can. Otherwise buses are a great way to get around if you don’t have access to a car.


Bergen is a very cute city and every single attraction makes for the perfect picture so you’ll want to bring your camera along. We were there around Christmas time so there were a lot of lights and decorations around town which just added to the charm of the place.

Start with a walk along the harbour or Port of Bergen where you’ll reach the UNESCO World Heritage listed Byrggen. The old town features 62 buildings that remain from the 14th century town. Walk between the buildings, grab a bite to eat and do some shopping while you’re there. If you continue walking past the old town, you’ll reach Haakon’s Hall and Bergenhus Castle.

If you want views of the whole city (and trust me you do) walk to Fløibanen Funicular where you can take one of the steepest train rides in the world to the top of Mt Fløyen. From here you can wander through the state forest – probably not a great decision in winter unless you’ve got skiing gear – or just marvel at the view. There are a couple of cafes and a souvenir shops at the top too.

On the other side of the harbour is where you’ll want to be for all of your shopping. The first attraction you’ll come across is the famous fish markets where you can grab a bite to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are plenty of cool music stores, fashion stores, restaurants and cafes. This is the side of the harbour i where you’ll find the museums.

Bergen is a city to admire by foot so don’t lock yourself in a hotel room. Get out there and see what the city has to offer.

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