Must Eats in Sweden

Swedish foods might not be at all what you’re used and it may take your tastebuds time to adjust to some the flavours, but there’s no excuse to miss out on tasting Sweden’s traditional delicacies.

You’ll find this little fish on the menu at every restaurant and at your hotel breakfast buffet. Yep, it’s everywhere! It’s usually pickled and gives off a strong odour so if you’re like me and you don’t like seafood, you’re going to have to get used to it.

Whether you drink warm lingonberry juice in winter or you have meatballs and lingonberries for dinner, you’re probably going to eat them at least once while you’re in Sweden. The berries are small, red and sweet which Swedes enjoy with pretty much every meal throughout the day.

Don’t just settle for the IKEA ones, try real Swedish meatballs while you’re there. Meatballs are often served at restaurants with mashed potatoes and lingonberries – delicious!

Cinnamon Roll
You’ll find these at most bakeries and supermarkets throughout the country. Usually enjoyed with coffee, they make the perfect morning snack or breakfast on the go.

Reindeer Meat
Reindeer comes in a lot of forms in Sweden. While we were in Sweden, my boyfriend and I ate reindeer kebab, reindeer burgers, reindeer jerky, reindeer roasted over an open fire (that was my favourite), and reindeer stew. Reindeer meat is extremely healthy and it tastes great with lingonberries (of course).

Pancakes in Sweden aren’t as thick and fluffy as American styled pancakes, they’re more like crepes. Perfect for dessert after meatballs, you can also enjoy your pancakes with (wait for it…) lingonberries!

What are your favourite Swedish foods? Salivating over the thought of a reindeer burger? Grab one at the Ice Hotel in Kiruna!


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