Packing for a winter holiday

Having spent two months travelling around Europe and Scandinavia in winter, I’ve come to understand what essentials you need to survive the cold. Here’s my list of what to pack when you’re taking off on a winter holiday.

  1. One extremely warm jacket is a must! I have a goose down which is water resistant and offers great insulation which is perfect in the wind and rain. It’s also lightweight and easy to roll up and through in my suitcase or carry on luggage. They can be expensive but they last for years!
  2. Thermal everything (pants, top, socks, underpants, singlets, gloves, beanie)
  3. Water resistant and comfortable boots/ walking shoes
  4. A beanie and scarf
  5. A woollen jumper will keep your body insulated under a thicker jacket. Bring two if you can.
  6. Waterproof gloves just in case it’s snowing
  7. Lip balm and moisturizing cream to keep your skin hydrated
  8. Multiple singlets, long-sleeved tops and pants. You’ll want to keep covered in as many layers as possible if you’re heading into the Arctic.
  9. Sunglasses. They’re easy to forget when you’re thinking about winter.
  10. Cold and flu medicine. Throat soothers and other medicines are readily available in Europe and it usually works out cheaper to purchase them there. Just be sure you have some on you from the get-go because you’ll want to be prepared and catch a cold early.

Tip: Purchase as much of your winter essentials in the warmer seasons as you can to save money. Alternatively you can purchase them while you’re away if you live in a country where shopping is expensive *cough cough* Australia.

Be prepared for your next adventure and check out some of my other travel hacks!


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