How to plan the perfect holiday

Planning the perfect holiday can be pretty stressful, especially when most of the websites are in another language, you’ve never been to that country before and you don’t have every second of every day spare to plan every little detail. But sometimes you don’t need to plan it all ahead. Let me help you plan the perfect holiday.

Choose your destination
Whether you just want to explore London or you’d also like to visit Paris while you’re there, you need to know exactly where you want to go. If you’re travelling with someone, sit down and choose the destinations you want to go to together. My boyfriend and I usually choose a country each that are close to each other and from there we work out the rest.

How long and how much?
How long do you want to travel for and how much are you willing to spend? You’ll need to be realistic for this step. If you want to travel for a month for just $5000 in Europe, you’ll want to check out Contiki or Top Deck tours. Or maybe it just means you’ll have to spend each night in a hostel to lower expenses. Knowing your limits is always the best place to start.

Shop around
Never just walk into a travel agent and book the trip they’ve designed. Research cheap travel deals, recommendations and reviews. There’s no point in planning on staying in the glass igloo resort in Kakslauttanen if it’s not within your budget. Keep your eye out for flight deals and consider travelling in off-peak periods. You’ll save money and find that you can explore a lot more a lot quicker.

Speak with an expert
If you think no one can plan a holiday as well as you can, great! Do your research and plan away, but always seek the opinion of a travel consultant just to be sure. I always do my research before I speak to a travel agent and get them to help me fine-tune the holiday. They always seem to have ways of making everything cheaper, reducing stop-over times on flights and squeezing in an extra activity or too. Speaking to a travel agent is free and you don’t have to book your holiday with them, you can just rack their brain for knowledge.

Research travel insurance
Always, always, ALWAYS get travel insurance. You never know what could go wrong and having insurance is going to save you from a lot of trouble. Usually insurance costs around $70 which isn’t much. A travel agent is a great place to start if you’re unsure what you need to be covered for. Otherwise there are plenty of useful websites that compare travel insurance companies.

Check the conditions before you go
Check to make sure the countries you’re travelling to are still safe. If you’re travelling from Australia use Smartraveller for weather updates and the problems you may face in those countries. Don’t forget to visit your doctor before you leave the country too. You might need an injection before you leave to avoid any illnesses. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Save in advance
I never start planning my holiday before I have enough saved to put down a deposit. There’s no point in looking if you don’t have the funds. Save at least half of what you’re willing to spend on the holiday before you start looking.

Where are you off to next? Leave me know in the comments below and check out some of my other travel hacks.


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