Guide to Airport Shopping

Duty-free shopping is probably one of the greatest things that has happened to luxury shopping. The only problem is having to stop yourself from spending too much money. Or is it?

If you’re in Sydney airport you’ll probably find that everything is still really expensive, especially food and magazines for the flight. You’re only really going to save money on expensive luxury items like perfume, jewellery and designer clothes but even those savings are slim. You can always buy these items around the world for a lot less and you don’t have to worry about the hassle that comes with tax-free shopping.

Just because the shopping at duty-free stores at the airport appears cheaper, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to save money. If you’re planning on doing some shopping, set yourself a budget and don’t over-do it.

If you’re only going to buy books, magazines, snacks for the flight or travel essentials, it’s best not to leave that until you get to the airport. Those sorts of things cost a lot less in normal stores so it’s better to plan ahead.

Personally I prefer shopping when I’m on holiday and travelling the world. I just can’t justify spending large amounts of money at the airport on things I don’t really need.

Do you enjoy shopping at the airport? Let me know in the comments below!
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For more information on the duty-free traps, check out Choice Australia’s article.


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