Getaway from Sydney: Lithgow

A day trip to Lithgow is more achievable than you thought. Located only a two-hour drive from Sydney city, you can drive to Lithgow from anywhere within Sydney for a quick day trip away.

Getting Around

Following the Great Western Highway you’ll eventually reach the other side of the mountains. Driving there means you’ll be able to drive around while you’re there which makes getting around much easier. Parking isn’t an issue in Lithgow like it is in Sydney! Of course you can also catch the train there, it will just take you a little longer and you’ll be limited to where you can go and what you can see while you’re there if you plan on getting around by foot or bus. Visit Sydney trains for more information.


The reason for my visit was the annual event, Daffodils at Rydal. The event is held every September-October for a couple of weekends and is located in the gardens of Rydal. Hosted among the beautiful flowers and homesteads is a parade to raise money for charity.

Old pubs are some of the most interesting attractions to visit in country towns. Not only is the food homely, delicious and cheaper than that in Sydney, but the pubs themselves have a long history. There are a couple of pubs in Lithgow to stop and refuel at before embarking on a scenic bushwalk.

Bushwalking takes on a whole new level in the Blue Mountains and that’s the case with Lithgow. There are tracks to suit all ages and fitness levels that provide lookouts and a closer look at native vegetation. Visit the National Parks NSW website for more information on the trails you can walk in and around Lithgow.

Glow worm tunnels are something extremely unique and special to behold. They’re beautiful and dreamy and something I think should be on everyone’s bucket list. But you don’t have to visit the caves of Waitomo in New Zealand to bask in their glory, just head to Lithgow!

Lithgow is also home to a number of farms you can visit and beautiful country scenery which is as idyllic as you can imagine!

Where do you travel on your day trips? Let me know in the comments below!


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