My Top 10 Beach Essentials

Ever since I can remember my favourite thing about summer is being able to spend the day at the beach. I’ve always loved swimming and just soaking up the sun. But summers in Australia are nothing short of harsh so you’ll need to be prepared to spend the day at the beach. Here are my top essentials:

  1. Sunscreen
    As much as you’d probably really love a tan, the sun can really damage your skin. Not to mention it makes you age a lot faster! Always wear sunscreen, especially when visiting a beach in Australia where most people often under-estimate the power of the sun. I always apply my sunscreen before I leave home for the beach. I usually tan while I’m at the beach anyway because I can never remember to re-apply.
  2. Water
    Drinking water is so important when you’re spending the day outside in the heat. Always bring plenty of water with you. Most beaches around Australia have taps or water stations to refill your water bottle but don’t bet on it!
  3. A Towel
    It’s pretty obvious that if you’re going swimming you’ll need a towel to dry up. But you’ll also need something to sit/lay on.
  4. An esky
    If you’re planning on bringing your own snacks and water you’ll want to bring them in an esky. Not only will this keep your food and drinks cool, it will also keep them sand-free!
  5. Sunglasses
    I always bring a pair of sunnies which I’m happy to get wet. I love swimming but the glare of the sun from the water really hurts my eyes and sun damage is always a possibility. I have a pair of polarised sunglasses I bought from a pharmacy which I’m happy to take into the water.20160214_135218
  6. A cute bikini/ swimmers
    Because who doesn’t want to look nice on the beach, amiright?!
  7. An oversized shirt/dress
    I always bring something to wear while I’m sitting on the sand. If you’re going to sit on your towel you’ll need something to keep your skin covered and protected from very painful sunburn.
  8. Food
    I always pack some fruit when I go to the beach. Beach cafes can be pricey, closed or busy so it’s always a good idea to pack your own food just in case. It also means that you can save money and put it towards a beach holiday in Spain. Check out my other tips on how to save for a holidayhere.
  9. Entertainment
    The beach is fun on its own but it’s always nice to take the opportunity to relax and enjoy your “me” time in full. I bring along a book that I’m currently reading so I can take some time out to unwind and really enjoy the summer sun. Don’t forget to bring a boogie board if you enjoy catching waves.
  10. Friends
    A trip to the beach is always more fun when it’s shared with friends or loved ones. Pack up the eskies and make a day (or perhaps a weekend) of your trip to the beach. And remember to have fun!What do you need when you spend the day at the beach?


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