Legoland Malaysia Review

While in Malaysia on a day trip from Singapore my boyfriend David and I chose to spend the day at Legoland, the one theme park we couldn’t wait to visit while travelling Asia. I’ve always found that theme parks tend to be over-sold by people who enjoyed their time there and completely undermined by the people who didn’t. Theme parks don’t always cater to everyone so do keep an open mind.

David has always loved Star Wars Lego, so much so that he has a room full of it, so it was really a no brainer for us. We needed to visit the theme park. It was a matter of principle.

Legoland is essentially a theme park with an emphasis on yep, you guesses it, Lego. There are special exhibitions such as the Star Wars Lego exhibition as well as miniature Asian cities built out of Lego. There are rides for all, young and old, but only a few. Lines are of an average length for a theme park so you can expect to wait around for a while. But they move pretty quickly because the rides are really short.

We had chosen to be picked up at 5pm, giving us around five hours at the park. I would recommend three and a half to four hours, unless you have young children or you want to go on the rides more than once. Otherwise four hours is plenty of time to go on rides, stop for lunch and do some shopping in the Lego gift shop. We didn’t mind the extra hour we had, we got to spend some time in an air conditioned café.

Overall a visit to Legoland is totally worth it if you love theme parks, Lego and fitting everything into just one day trip. Alternatively you can use Legoland as an opportunity to stay in Malaysia and travel around the country.

I give Legoland four stars.
4 stars


Legoland Malaysia
7, Jalan Legoland, Medini,
79100 Nusajaya, Johor,

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