Day Trip to Malaysia

While Singapore is a great country that should definitely be explored completely, it’s also conveniently located right near Malaysia. A lot of Singaporeans will cross the border for cheaper shopping or a holiday of their own. But most tourists will cross the border with one thing in mind: a trip to Legoland.

We booked our Malaysian trip with WTS which made it much easier for us. The coach will pick you up from one of two locations in Singapore (Singapore Flyer or Big Box) before taking you to the border crossing and through to one of three Malaysian theme parks. You’ll get to pick from Legoland, Legoland Waterpark, Hello Kitty World or a combination of them all.

Depending on how many people are crossing the border, how many people you need to wait for to get back on your coach and how long security takes, the trip could take you anywhere from an hour to a couple of hours. It took us an hour and 40 minutes to get out of Singapore and another 40 minutes to cross the Malaysian border and make our way to Legoland.

You’re able to choose the pick-up time to suit you. Remember to give yourself a lot of time if you’re visiting more than one and to allow for longer border crossing times. We arrived at Legoland at 12pm and had chosen to be picked up at 4pm which gave us plenty of time.

Alternatively you can choose to stay overnight in one of the theme parks hotels so you can take your time at each theme park.

Legoland is much like any other theme park with rides, special exhibitions such as the Star Wars Lego exhibition as well as miniature Asian cities built out of Lego. There aren’t very many rides and the lines are average so you can expect to wait around for a while. Luckily the rides are pretty short so the lines will move quite quickly. You can read my review of Legoland here.

We chose to have the coach drop us off at Singapore Flyer so that we could see a bit more of Singapore during the night. Singapore Flyer made the perfect ride to end a day full of theme park fun.

TIP: If you are dropped off at the Flyer note that there’s a hawker centre below which serves traditional Singaporean street food. It is a little more expensive than a normal centre because of its location and proximity to tourist activity. The walk from the Flyer to Marina Bay shopping mall is beautiful by night. If you have the time, stop to check out the Supertree Grove at night.

Have any questions? Ask me in the comments below!


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