Singapore City Guide

Singapore may be a small country but there’s no shortage of things to do! From theme parks and resort islands to the zoo and so much shopping you’d think you had died and gone to retail heaven. Come with me to Singapore…

Getting Around

Public transport in Singapore is voted among the best in the world and it is easy to find train and bus stations. However, our Singaporean friends provided us with some of their spare travel passes. The lines to purchase train tickets were always really long so you may want to leave earlier if you’re planning on being anywhere at a certain time. Many buses accept cash so you can just hop on and ride along providing you have Singaporean change.

Best of all though are the taxis. Taxis are absolutely everywhere in Singapore and they’re more affordable than here in Australia. Everything in Singapore is relatively close together so you won’t have to travel too far, keeping fares low. The average price I paid for a taxi fare was $10. Keep in mind that not all cabs are fitted with an EFTPOS machine so cash may still be required.

TIP: If you are planning on catching a taxi, Google the fastest route to your destination. You’ll be able to avoid having any taxi drivers take you for a ride.


With so much to see and do in Singapore you may think it an impossible task to get everything done. But here’s how we spent our week exploring the country.

We spent our first two days in Singapore on Sentosa Island. This is where we visited Singapore’s main theme parks and attractions including Adventure Cove WaterparkUniversal StudiosImbiah LookoutTiger Sky Tower and the Trick Eye Museum.

After spending two days on Sentosa we left our hotel to stay with two of our friends in their apartment in Bukit Panjang. On day three of our Singaporean holiday we visited Singapore Zoo and stayed for theNight Safari. Our fourth day was spent travelling to Malaysia where we spent the entire day atLegoland. We returned to Singapore that afternoon to ride the Singapore Flyer and have dinner at a Hawker Centre.

On day five we fed turtles at the live turtle and tortoise museum inside the Chinese Gardens before meeting our friends for lunch on Orchard Road where we spent the rest of the day shopping and of course, eating. We also explored China Town for more affordable shopping and delicious food.

On sixth and final day in Singapore we visited Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands before making our way to Changi Airport. But the fun didn’t stop there! Changi airport is full of plenty of shopping and fun attractions. We even caught part of a movie and sat in free massage chairs!


It’s hard to resist shopping in Singapore. For cheap and affordable shopping, head to China Town. If you’re after big named brands head to Marina Bay and visit the shopping centres nearby. Orchard Road is the beacon of shopping located in the heart of Singapore so head there for all of your favourites like H&M and Cotton On.

TIP: If you’re not after anything specific, start at the Orchard Road where you’ll find a collection of retailers, ice cream carts and plenty of restaurants.

What’s your favourite thing about Singapore? Let me know in the comments below.



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