Getaway From Sydney: Forster

As much as I love to travel overseas, it isn’t always possible to do so. With commitments at home and needing to save enough money to actually get away it can be a long wait in between adventures. But sometimes all you need is a weekend getaway to recover from the stress of everyday life. My favourite getaway from Sydney is Forster. Located just a three hour drive north is what I like to refer to as paradise. I don’t mean palm trees and coconuts, but beach, fishing and lots of sun.

My family would take us to Forster every February for a long-weekend away until I was 17 years old. Since then I’ve been taking myself and my boyfriend. Lucky for me, my pop owns a boat and fishing gear which means we always get to go fishing when we’re there. If you’ve never been fishing of a night, you should make plans to do so! The peaceful scenery, beautiful light reflections and lack of seagulls makes fishing so much more fun. I should probably mention that we never actually keep any of the fish we catch. We learnt our lesson after watching Finding Nemo!

The water up north is generally a lot warmer which makes swimming at the beach much more accessible. Dolphins, stingrays and other sea critters are easy to spot which makes walking along the break wall more fun. Oh, and there are plenty of ice cream shops around too! It’s no wonder this is a favourite for Sydney families.

Although Forster isn’t a hidden getaway or an isolated coastal town, it’s still a lot more peaceful than anywhere in Sydney. Unfortunately that also means that shopping here isn’t as good as in the city but who has time to shop when there are waves to catch?

Travel tips

If you’re planning a trip up north, here are a few helpful tips to help you make the most of your getaway:

  1. Don’t fork out a lot of money to stay in a hotel near the beach. Everything in Forster is pretty much within walking distance. If you are driving up, consider staying even further from the water for cheaper accommodation.
  2. Don’t have your own boat? There are plenty of affordable boat hire options available. Most of these businesses are located along the water so you won’t have trouble finding them.
  3. Grab a temporary fishing license from the local tackle stores. They’re cheap and they only take about two minutes to get. Easy!
  4. Bring a boogie board or paddle board or anything else to make the water more fun. There are plenty of islands around that are easily accessible. If you’re not into fishing, you’ll want to bring something along.

Happy relaxing!


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