Norway in a Nutshell

Norway is famous for its stunning mountainous landscape and scenery known as the fjords. It would be impossible to travel to Norway and not be tempted to see them. But if you’re not willing to spend the time and money exploring them all, see them in a nutshell.

My boyfriend and I travelled with NSB on their Norway in a Nutshell tour which takes two days to complete. We split the tour up with stop overs in Voss and Bergen though so we had time to see more of Norway.

We boarded the train to Myrdal from Oslo Central Station at 8:25am. The train is pretty comfortable and there is a pretty decent food cart but the bathrooms are still public toilets. And sitting for that long just gets annoying after a while. The coolest thing about the train (besides the amazing views out the window) were the screens at the ends of the carriage which update the outside temperature, time and height. The highest we got was around 1000m.

It took about four hours until we finally reached Myrdal. We were a little over an hour late because of an earlier delay (snow happens) but the Flåm connecting train waited for everyone. The train was really old but there was a sound system with an English explanation of the sights on the way down the mountain.

The train line is really windy and gets pretty scary if you look down. The train travels from 866m to just 2m above sea level. There are plenty of animals to see on the way down so keep your eyes out the windows. It’s only a 20 minute train ride until you’ll reach the bottom of the Flåm.

Once you reach the bottom there are a couple of souvenir stores, restaurants, cafes and bathrooms. From here we boarded a ferry at around 3pm which took us through the UNESCO World Heritage listed Sognefjords. We went outside to take some photos but it was so cold we had to watch the rest from inside. The sun also sets pretty early in winter so it got dark fast. There was enough light to see the cute towns along the shoreline like Aurland though. There’s a sound system which plays an English explanation of the sights from the ferry as well. Some of the mountains are 2000m high and it really is a cool experience to float between them.

The ferry ride lasted a total of two hours which is incredible value for money. There is a café and souvenir store on board too. When we finally reached Godvagen a coach was waiting to take us to Voss Station. We decided to spend the night in Voss before continuing on to Bergen.

The next morning we explored Voss where we spent the night in a hotel with a view to die for. At 1:50pm we caught the train the rest of the way to Bergen (which was a one hour train ride) where our Norway in a Nutshell tour ended. We spent a couple of days in Bergen before using our return train ticket. The best thing about the tour is that you are able to modify and break up the tour so you can really make it your own.

I would recommend the Norway in a Nutshell tour to anyone who visits Norway.
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Norway in a Nutshell
Departs: Round trip from Oslo (other options are available)
Duration: Approx. 22 hours
Cost: 2490NOK ($420 AUD)

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