Sydney Royal Easter Show

No matter how old you are and how often you go, it’s always a very good and very expensive day out at the show! 

The Sydney Royal Easter Show brings the Australian country to the city with farm animals, fresh produce and carnival rides all making an appearance. This year I have been working on a magazine with unique connections to the show so it gave me a new appreciation for the country aspects of the show. There are a couple of things people go to the show for; farm animals, fresh food, carnival rides and of course, showbags. For me this year it was all about the food and animals .

20160326_122858 (1)

My boyfriend and I decided we’d try to beat the heat and the crowds and arrived at 9:30am. We started on the animal walk, following the painted foot prints from the entrance through the entire showground. We patted two of my favourite animals, goats and dogs, and we watched a chicken hatch! You certainly don’t see that every day!

20160326_125655 (1) 20160326_120257

Along the way we stopped to try the unique culinary delights the show offers. We tried a pie freshly made, an award-winning sausage roll, chips on a stick, an Italian gelato burger, deep fried oreos, scone and jam gelato made especially for the show, cold brew coffee and of course, a classic dagwood dog dipped in tomato sauce. Most of the show’s best food stores are found in the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome and are best enjoyed inside the main stadium while the talented stars of the country entertain.

20160326_103729 (1) 20160326_123747 (1)

Once we’d stuffed our faces and finished the animal walk we decided it was time to leave the show. It took us about four hours to see the whole show, animals, food and all. If you’re planning on visiting the show next time around, remember to plan ahead, especially if you want to go on any rides. The lines can get pretty long and they can take a while! If you’re trying to save money, tickets are cheaper after 5pm but prices within the showground remain just as expensive. If you can, avoid trying any of the food at the show and pack your own lunch to save money!

What’s your favourite thing about the show?


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