Antler Airstream Suitcase Review

Light and durable

Picking a suitcase can be tough. You want one that’s going to survive the test of time, survive being dragged around the world and still keep everything inside safe and sound. Then you have to choose between soft and hard case. I went for the soft case because I find that the more flexible the material, the more I’m able to fit inside the case. It’s just a personal preference.

When I was 18 I booked my first international holiday. I was off to Europe for a month with my boyfriend David. I’m not a backpacking person so it was always going to be a suitcase for me. I didn’t want anything too heavy so I was leaning more towards the lightweight cases made by companies like Samsonite and Antler. I wanted something that would last a while (and by a while I mean at least 10 years). So I went to Myer and started testing a couple out.

It wasn’t long before I decided four wheels was the way to go. Being able to drag by suitcase alongside me rather than behind me is so much easier. It makes everything lighter and easier to manage, especially when there are lots of people around. The lightweight Antler suitcase has four wheels and an adjustable handle. It also has an extra handle on the top and the side so I can carry it however I want.

My favourite feature on the Airstream is the built in lock which uses a three-digit passcode. I absolutely love this feature because I don’t have to deal with any mini padlocks or keys. The Airstream also has a number of inside compartments, a bag for shoes so they don’t get my clothes dirty and an extra three pockets on the outside where I can store things I need easy access to.

The size of suitcase to get was the hardest decision for me to make. I ended up going for the biggest case I could get because I was planning a lot of winter travel at the time and that requires a lot of heavy boots and jackets which all take up space. I also love to shop so it means I always have enough room for all of my buys. I also came to the conclusion that if my boyfriend and I are ever going on a smaller trip we could just share the suitcase or use a duffle bag.

I haven’t once regretted my decision to get the Antler Airstream. I absolutely love the suitcase. It has done everything I needed it to and more. The only flaw the suitcase has is that after being dragged around in the snow for two months, it has got a little bit of visible wear and tear. The fabric has faded a bit and is wearing away at the back along the handle rungs. I also went for the charcoal colour which I have found is the most common colour of suitcase along with black and dark blue. It’s a little hard to spot in the baggage claim but I’ve added a colourful tag to avoid any confusion.

My advice would be to take your time and test a couple of suitcases out in the store. You’ll want to like your suitcase if you’re planning on spending some time with it!

I give the Antler Airstream suitcase five stars.
5 stars



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