Three Wise Mums Lip Balm Review

Fruity, natural and smooth

I never travel without at least three different lip balms. I’m the kind of person who moisturises my lips after every meal or drink and at least every 30 minutes during a flight. I’m always on the lookout for different lip balms to keep my lips as smooth and plump as I can.

I tried Three Wise Mums summer lip balm on a trip to the beach. This is what I consider the ultimate test for lip balms. If there’s one place my lips dry out most, it’s at the beach. Sun, sand, wind and salt water are a bad combination for my lips!

The fruity taste wasn’t as strong as some of the others I’ve tried before, but it was definitely there. The balms are all natural with no added chemicals which explains the lack of sugary taste. The balm was smooth but the little metal tins it is kept in caused it to melt a little at the beach. This doesn’t happen as fast with lip balms in plastic containers or tubes. Another downside to the small metal tins is that you need to use your finger to apply (unless you use the little stick that comes in the pack which I have lost in the black hole which is my bag). You’ll have to keep your hands clean so it isn’t as convenient as a tube or stick.

The balm lasted quite long, despite a bit of melting. And it didn’t wash off as soon as I took a dip in the ocean.

  • Taste: 3/5
  • Long lasting: 3/5
  • Consistency: 3/5
  • Ease of use: 2/5 (unless you don’t mind using dirty fingers to apply)
  • Would I use it again? Yes, but not while travelling.

Overall I give Three Wise Mums lip balms three stars.
3 stars

What do you use to keep your lips from drying out?


Three Wise Mums is a luxurious and indulgent bath, body and skincare range hand-crafted from natural ingredients by way of time honoured methods. Check them out here.

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