Flo Travel Nasal Spray Review

When I was told about a non-medicated nasal spray that could protect my immune system against nasty bugs while travelling or in the office at work, I was pretty excited to try it out.

Not only does the spray claim to protect you against catching a cold, it also claims to reduce the length of a cold which is music to my ears! I have travelled across Europe and Scandinavia in the winter and avoiding the common cold is almost impossible! But knowing I can contain it sounds like a dream.

Because the product is natural and derived from red algae it can be used for extended periods of time and by pretty much anyone! It doesn’t have a nasty odour like some nasal sprays and it’s really not hard to use at all.

As someone who suffers from hypothyroidism, I have a pretty weak immune system as it is. I have to rely on medication to keep me healthy on a daily basis so it can be difficult to get comfortable on a plane when there are so many people around and the temperature is pretty low.

Flo Travel kept me healthy and protected against the office cold at work so I’m going to trust it to keep me healthy on my flight to Reykyavik which from Sydney takes around 23 hours.


I give Flo travel nasal spray four stars.
4 stars

What do you trust to keep you healthy during a flight? Let me know in the comments below!


Now sold in Australian pharmacies nationally RRP $13.95. 


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