How to Pack a Suitcase

Everyone is particular when it comes to packing their suitcase but there are a few essentials we can all take advantage of when we travel. Here is a list to help make packing a suitcase much easier.

  1. Make a list of what you’re taking with you
    Travel insurance is a great thing, especially if you come to lose everything you took with you. Making a list of what you pack in your suitcase can help when it comes to making a claim. Making a list also helps you check if you’ve missed anything and makes it a lot easier when you have to pack your suitcase again in the future.
  2. Keep it organised
    As hard as it can be to stay organised while you’re off enjoying the world, it’s very handy if you can keep your suitcase as organised as possible. If you have dirty clothes, separate them from the clean ones. Don’t mix it all up and get confused because you’ll find it hard to get what you need if you’re in a rush.
  3. Use every pocket in your suitcase- space is precious
    You don’t have space to waste. Use the space in your suitcase wisely or you’ll be left carrying a lot around in your carry on luggage. A tip I have to offer if you’re travelling heavy but you have weight limits you need to stick to, carry some of the heavy things in your carry on luggage (i.e. large jackets or heavy boots when you’re travelling in winter). Make the most of your suitcase pockets and keep everything organised.
  1. Fold everything as small as possible
    Fold or roll? Well, that’s entirely up to your preference. Some say you fit more in your suitcase by rolling your clothes. I’ve tried both and I find that it really depends on the type of clothing you’re taking with you. Moral of this point is as long as you fold or roll your clothes as neatly as possible you’ll fit in as much as you can. This will also help you stay organised.

    Take your most precious and heaviest things in your carry on luggage
    No one likes to lose things when they’re on holiday, so keep the most precious things on your person at all times. Cameras, laptop, iPad, phone, jewellery, whatever it is, keep it with you. Unless you can trust the hotel you’re staying at or you have the option of using a safe it’s best to keep things hidden. I wouldn’t recommend walking around the city with your passport so keep that locked up and hidden well. Just remember that when it comes to flying, keep it all in your carry on.

    I hope that helps you pack your suitcase. For what I carry in my carry on luggage, check out My Carry On Essentials!

    Good luck and safe travels! 🙂



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