My Carry On Essentials

Flying can be fun or it can be a drag. No matter how well you cope with flying there are particular things every traveller likes to pack in their carry on luggage. I’ve made a list of some of my essentials.

Note: The bag I use for carry on is a black Country Road bag. I find that these are super easy to carry and they fit a lot of stuff!

  1. A spare change of clothes in case my luck runs out and my suitcase goes missing
  2. iPad, iPod, camera and any other electrical things I’m taking with me
  3. A travel journal and pen so I can keep track of my holiday
  4. My passport – of course
  5. My booking papers, hotel confirmation and important documents I need with me when I land
  6. My wallet and a small handbag that I’ll be taking around when I’m on holiday
  7. A heavy warm jacket if I’m travelling in winter
  8. Earplugs/headphones because I can’t stand the ones on the plane
  9. Lip balm is a must! That recycled plane air really dries out my lips
  10. Moisturising cream for my face and my hands
  11. Toothbrush and toothpaste if I’m flying long distances
  12. A pillow – again for long distance flights
  13. A bottle of water – you’ll probably have to purchase this after checking in and going through security but having an empty bottle with you is really handy.

For more tips on packing your luggage, check out my guide to packing for a winter holiday.


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