How to survive the long flight ahead

Living in Sydney means that flying anywhere else in the world takes a really long time. If you can’t afford to fly business or first class, you’re probably going to suffer in economy. But flights with some of the major airlines are a lot more comfortable than you’d expect. That is, if you take precautionary measures to make them so.

Here are my tips on surviving the long haul:

Drinking lots of water and keeping your skin and lips moisturized can help you feel well rested and more refreshed. It’s easy to forget to drink water, especially when you’re flying at night and it’s freezing on the plane. Bring a large bottle to fill before you board the plane. You’ll be able to sip on it throughout the flight.

Keep moving
Don’t squirm in your seat but stand and walk around as much as you can. Use the bathroom furthest away from you or just circle the plane – anything to keep your body moving. It helps to stand and do some stretches every hour too. Not only will you keep your muscles from tensing up, you’ll also avoid getting DVT.

Get some sleep
If, like me, you find it difficult to sleep on the flight regardless of how tired you are, get some sleep beforehand. Make sure you’re well rested before you board the plane so that it won’t matter if you can’t sleep. It will help you ward off any nasty jet lag too.

Keep occupied
If you aren’t big on watching the screen, bring a book to read or your laptop to do some work – anything to keep you entertained. The flight is only going to feel longer if you’re bored.

Support your neck

Whether a neck pillow does the job or you need something more substantial, it’s important to keep your neck supported. I personally can’t stand neck pillows and I prefer to roll up my jacket or blanket instead. Do whatever you have to do to stay comfortable.

Keep your valuables with you
There’s no point in sweating over the small stuff when you’re flying. Keeping your valuables in a small bag under the seat in front of you will help you keep your mind off the wandering hands of other passengers. Don’t squeeze a large bag under the seat though, you’ll only take up valuable leg room.

Keep warm
Nothing sucks more than just getting comfortable and finding that the temperature is dropping. It’s almost as bad as being stuck in a stuffy aircraft. If you know you’re not good with handling the cooler temperatures, bring an extra blanket, big jacket or scarf to keep you warm. And always wear socks!

Dress comfortably
You might need to look nice pre- and post-flight but no one says you have to look great on the flight! Change into comfortable clothes before you board. There’s no need to be in skinny jeans and heels. You can always change before you pick up your luggage after you land.

Pack your essentials
You’ll want to pack a small bag of important toiletries to keep refreshed during the flight. Pack anything you use on a daily basis. For me the most important things to bring are a toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizing cream, deodorant and lip balm. If I forgot any of those I don’t think I’d survive more than three hours on a plane!

If you can afford to, upgrade to business or first class. You’ll have more personal space and it’s much quieter than in economy. I hear the food is a lot nicer too.

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