Inflight Skincare

By now we all know that it’s probably best to avoid the dirty water that flows through taps on planes. Whether it’s in the bathroom sink or in your complimentary tea or coffee, there’s nothing but potentially harmful bacteria in that water. But avoiding the water can be difficult. Here are my top tips to avoid using plane water and keep your skin protected during long haul flights.

  1. Clean your skin with wet wipes and coconut oil
    I never wear makeup on a long haul flight. But if you do wear makeup, take some wet wipes or coconut oil to remove your makeup on the flight. This way you won’t have to worry about splashing that dirty water all over your face and your skin stays moisturized throughout the journey.
  2. Keep those pearly whites clean with Brushing Rinse
    Hate the feeling of dirty teeth? So do I! I used to pack a tooth brush and tooth paste and brush my teeth before the flight and after, but I’ve discovered an ever better solution, one that keeps you away from public bathrooms and dirty plane water! Brushing rinse is a revolutionary new way of brushing your teeth without using water! Check out my reviewhere.
  3. Three Wise Mums’ skin tonic and face balm moisturizer
    The air conditioning on a flight can cause your skin to dry out more than any climate back on land so you need to keep that skin moisturized. You can use your favourite moisturizing lotion to do this. I love Aveeno because I have sensitive skin so that’s usually my go-to. But I also love using Three Wise Mums natural products. Their face balm is hydrating and smells divine and their skin tonic is light and fresh. Visit their website for more.
  4. Look awake with Nude by nature bright eyes
    Keep your eyes looking and feeling awake with Nude by nature’s bright eyes. I love using this right at the end of the flight or as I’m waiting to leave the airport. It just makes my eyes feel light and it takes away the appearance of dark circles under my eyes. You can read my full review here.
  5. Keep your eyes hydrated with an eye spray
    My eyes always get red during a flight, unless I keep them hydrated. I fail dramatically at putting eye drops in my own eyes so I rely on Actimist. All I have to do is spray it on my eyes while they’re closed and blink like crazy. Super easy!
  1. Protect yourself from harmful germs with nasal spray
    A lot of germs are spread around the plane through the air conditioning and your nose in on the front line. I keep my nose protected from germs with Flo Travel’s preservative free nasal spray. You can read my reviewhere.
  2. My saving grace, lip balm
    I usually use Vaseline but any lip balm is super important to keep your lips hydrated during the  flight.

    8. Keep your hands clean with sanitiser
    Think it’s safe to wash your hands in that bathroom sink? Probably not. Bring along a travel-       sized hand sanitiser and forget about touching that dirty water.

    So there you have it, the products I rely on to replace water and protect my skin and my health during a flight. Which products do you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!


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