GP: How to Pack the Right Way

South America can be a very cost effective travel destination. The food is cheap, the accommodation is reasonable, and you can find all sorts of beautiful countryside. But if something sounds too good to be true, it generally is. The catch is that it can be a bit dangerous sometimes. The high levels of poverty and relative lawlessness makes certain quarters of even the major cities no go areas for tourists. But who can resist a trip to the Chilean Patagonia!

Whether you choose to visit Chile or Cuba’s picturesque beaches, it is best to start planning well ahead of time. We would highly recommend using the Escuela de Guias de La Patagonai, if you head over for the Chilean countryside. And it really helps if you polish off your Spanish before traveling there. There isn’t really a need for prior reservations, unless you plan to go right in the middle of the peak season, but believe us you do not want to end up stranded somewhere. If you are short on patience, it is best to go during the March and April. The best weather is generally during these months.

But, it will all start with packing the right stuff in the right way. On the one hand, you want to travel light for the trip, but on the other you want the maximum ombinations of clothes to take with you. And of course leave some space for all the shopping that you will do there. It has to be a balance. If you are going to hike along the trails, then take your best Backcountry backpack along. Spare batteries, a good hydration pack, and some toiletries are a must.

It is tough to squeeze everything in, so we have prepared an infographic which will help you to pack efficiently. Read through it and learn the simple yet useful tricks.

Co-produced by :Rebateszone & Postcards To Sydney


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