Travel Gifts for the Travel Obsessed

Gift buying can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. If the person you’re buying a gift for loves to travel, there are plenty great gift ideas out there. Read on for my list of travel-inspired gift ideas.

NB: I’ve split the list below into more expensive travel gifts for those you’re happy to spend a little more money on and cheaper more quirky gifts.

Expensive gift ideas

  • A GoPro camera
    GoPro’s are a great camera that every traveller can easily make the most of. Gift them with one of these and I guarantee they will be forever grateful! You can explore the range of GoPro cameras on their website here.
  • A  polarised camera
    Thanks to Instagram the polaroid is back! And what better way to keep and share your favourite holiday moments than with an instant photo!? A range of polaroid cameras are now available in many stores.
  • A  suitcase or luxury travel bag
    If you’ve ever needed to buy a suitcase you’ll know how expensive they can get! Every traveller loves a suitcase with four 360-degree wheels. It makes carting around your wardrobe so much easier. My favourite suitcase is the Antler Airstream which you can check out here.
  • Travel makeup kit
    High-quality makeup can actually set you back quite a bit. If you know someone who loves to look their best when they travel, getting them a travel kit with travel-sized makeup brushes, bottles and bags is a lovely idea. I’ve found Sephora has quite a good range which you can check out here.

 Cheap gift ideas

  • A cute and personalised  luggage tag
    If a suitcase costs way too much money, a luggage tag can be a very good alternative! Everyone likes to know they can easily spot their suitcase from the line of similar suitcases at baggage claim. Get them something personal that will stand out.
  • Glass jar piggy bank from Etsy
    The first step to travelling is actually saving for a holiday. And what better way to save than with a really cute glass jar!? Monika V Keth on Etsy makes a whole bunch of really cute travel gifts and accessories at a very affordable price. You can check them out here.
  • Yellow octopus scratch map
    Almost all travellers love keeping track of where they’ve been, especially if they’re on a quest to travel the world. I love the Yellow Octopus scratch map which is a more unique and interactive way of keeping track of the places I’ve been. You can read my review here.
  • A   Travel journal
    A travel journal is a very easy gift for a traveller who loves reading, writing or just keeping track of their holidays and travel experiences. Typo and Kikki.K have a lot of unique designs, but don’t forget to check out Etsy and help support local artists and DIY gurus.
  • GoPro or camera accessories
    You might not be able to splash out on an expensive camera but GoPro accessories, such as the infamous selfie stick, can actually be quite affordable. SD cards are also another very thoughtful gift idea. Photos take up space and no one likes deleting travel photos off their existing card!

Let me know what travel gifts you like to give and receive in the comments below.


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