My Ultimate A-Z Travel Bucket List

There are so many things to see, do and experience around the world and it can make it difficult to decide where to travel to next. I’ve narrowed down my ultimate travel bucket list in alphabetical order to help you decide where to travel to next.

Aurora over Reykjavik harbour

A is for Aurora
If you haven’t already seen the aurora, add it to your bucket list. Watching the northern lights dance across the winter skies of Sweden and Finland was an experience I’ll never forget.
Tip: If you’re a fellow Aussie or you live in New Zealand you’re in luck! We can spot the southern aurora from Tasmania and New Zealand’s south all year round.

B is for budget
A small getaway as often as possible is just what the doctor ordered. Holidays don’t need to be lavish and expensive so treat yourself to a getaway when you can. You’ll thank yourself for it!

C is for comfort zone
Step out of your comfort zone while you’re on holiday. You’ll thank yourself for it later, trust me. I would never have imagined I could ride a snow mobile and go reindeer sledding in minus 20 degrees. Try something different next time you travel.

D is for Denmark
If there was one country I could live in other than Australia it would probably be Denmark. In fact, I enjoyed my time in Denmark so much that Copenhagen is my lay-over city of choice.

E is for experience
The experiences you have on holiday are far better than the clothes or souvenirs you bring back. Spend the money on experiencing something and enjoy it while you can! As a child all I wanted was to experience a white Christmas and it was a dream come true on Christmas day in 2014 – it’s something I’ll never forget.

F is for flavours
Eating local foods and flavours on my travels is one of my favourite things to do. There are so many exciting things to try and being afraid of them will only set you back. Have an open mind and explore the flavours of the world.

G is for going back
There’s no point in thinking that once you’ve visited a country there’s no going back. Every time I visit a country I find another reason to want to come back. I can’t wait to go back to Italy, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Switzerland!

H is for honeymoon
My honeymoon is going to be so extreme it’s probably going to take about 3 months to complete. Every time I discover a remote island or beach paradise it goes on the list. Start planning yours now and you might discover you can actually travel to one (or more) of those destinations without being married first. 


I is for Iceland
Iceland had been on my bucket list since I was 10 years old when I first heard about the Vikings and it was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more. Iceland is going to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the next couple of years so make the most of travel deals while you still can! 

J is for just doing it
Just book that plane ticket and go on the holiday you know you deserve! 

K is for keeping a holiday booked at all times
The best way to ensure you’ll go on a holiday this year is to actually book a holiday. As soon as I get back from a holiday I book (or at least look into) the next one. It gives me something to focus on and save towards and it makes having to go to work every day a little more bearable.  

L is for love
You’ll probably fall in love with another country as soon as you arrive. Don’t fight it, embrace it! 

M is for making it happen
There are things you’ll have to sacrifice and lots of money you’ll need to save to make your dream holiday a reality. Do what you can to make it happen and it will. During uni I was working three part time jobs and interning so I could save up for my trip to Scandinavia and it paid off. 

N is for Namibia
I’ve always wanted to visit Africa and experience safari and Namibia is the one country I always wanted to do it in.

O is for open mind
Keep an open mind while you’re travelling, you’ll be amazed at what will happen. If you keep an open mind you’ll be able to travel wherever you want.


P is for Paris
Because let’s face it, everyone needs to go to Paris.

Q is for quiet
Travelling doesn’t always have to be fast-paced and adventurous. Bora Bora, the Maldives and the Cook Islands are on my bucket list of destinations where I can go to relax and unwind in the sun, by the sea.

R is for respect
Respect the places you travel to, respect their laws and their cultures; it’s what makes them so unique. There’s no point in travelling if you just want to do the same thing you do at home. Respect people’s homes and shop responsibly as well. Don’t purchase products that help fund the destruction of animal’s habitats, people’s homes or their local economy. 

S is for shopping
Have fun and spend the money you can afford to when you’re on holiday. If you think that dress looks pretty, buy it! Just don’t send yourself broke. Set a limit of what you can comfortably spend and don’t exceed that.

T is for television (and movie) sets
As a fan of Game of Thrones, there are plenty of locations on my bucket list. Not to mention New York, Albuquerque and the Great Barrier Reef (Finding Nemo was a great movie). 

U is for ultimate adventure
Everyone has an ultimate adventure they dream about. Set yourself the goal and actually make it happen. I hate to say it but – you only live once! 


V is for Venice
Because pizza and pasta are delicious and Venice is gorgeous.

W is for world wide
I plan on travelling to as many countries I can around the world. It’s safe to say that the entire world is on my bucket list.

X is for X-treme fun!
Travel is fun so enjoy it! It’s important to remember that plans aren’t always going to fall into place. Flight delays happen, bad weather happens and getting sick on holiday can happen too. Enjoy what you can because that’s why you travel in the first place.

Y is for yearly trip
Wouldn’t it be great if you could travel somewhere different every year? It’s possible. All you have to do is set goals and work towards achieving them. 

Z is for zzzzz
Remember to take breaks while you’re travelling. It’s important to rest and recover while you’re on the road. That’s not to say you can’t sleep in some of the most unique places in the world though. Spend the night in an ice igloo in Sweden, take a nap in a glass igloo in Finland or camp in your own tree house in Lapland – they’re nights you’ll never forget.

 What’s on your travel bucket list?

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