Jamberoo Action Park Review

The original NSW water theme park

Jamberoo is located on the NSW south coast, near Wollongong. Its location makes it subject to cooler weather and quite a lot of rain so it’s important to be realistic about the weather. We went in late March on a humid overcast day which worked in our favour – it was hot but the lines were pretty much non-existent. The longest we waited for a ride was five minutes.

The theme park is quite small, especially in comparison to the bigger players on the QLD coast like Wet N Wild. The smaller size means it’s actually a lot easier to get around and experience all of the rides. Home to the Funnel Web – one of the longest water rides in the world- as well as smaller slides, chair lift, bobsled and a wave pool, the park has something to excite visitors both young and old.

The food is overpriced as is the case with most theme parks but you can pack your own. Lockers are available or you can leave your things on a picnic table or under a nice shady tree if you’d prefer not to pay.

It’s not as popular or as expensive as the Queensland theme parks so it’s a much better option for families or Sydneysiders looking to save a buck.

I give Jamberoo three stars


1215 Jamberoo Road,
Jamberoo NSW 2533

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