Emirates review

You get what you pay for

I’ve flown Emirates plenty of times which in itself is testimate to their flights. I wouldn’t keep booking them if they weren’t good!

Emirates long haul flights are usually the cheapest big name option for me when flying from Sydney to Europe. The only other airlines they compete with are Etihad and Singapore Airlines. If those options came up I’d be more inclined to choose them – Etihad because I find them more comfortable and Singapore because they’re my favourite airline.

But back to Emirates…The best Emirates flight I took was when I flew Sydney to Auckland, New Zealand on a flight that was more empty than full. We were able to choose where we wanted to sit (no upgrades unfortunately). But it was much easier to get comfortable on a flight when we weren’t squished in.

On long haul flights to Europe and back David and I have had trouble securing seats next to each other and the planes are always full so moving people around is very difficult. We’ve also experienced flights where food choices have run out and we were stuck with food we didn’t want or couldn’t eat. They’re small sacrifices to make for a much cheaper airfare though. You always get what you pay for so I’ll continue to choose them in the future if it means I get more spending money on holiday.

I give Emirates three stars

 Which airlines do you like flying?


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