The Whitsundays: Daydream Island Resort and Spa Review

A family friendly resort on the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world and it’s not hard to see why. With fish and coral colonies not seen anywhere else, it’s popular with environment and water sport enthusiasts alike.

Visiting in late August and early September of 2016, I stayed at Daydream Island where two of my friends were tying the knot. I used the wedding as an excuse to visit the Whitsundays on holiday for the first time ever. The resort was family orientated but it catered to all with a luxurious touch that fit the seaside wedding perfectly.

Picture sunsets over shell-lined beaches, hammocks tied to palm trees and wallabies roaming the grass. That is Daydream Island in a nutshell.

The resort rooms were quite large and spacious but they came at a price – much expected considering its location. Being an island, each room was located close to the water, restaurants and bars and swimming pools.

The restaurants on the island were as expensive as you’d expect when limited to two choices per night. However, activities including paddle boarding, snorkelling and kayaking are included at no extra cost. Turtles, rays and fish are in large supply around the island and there’s no better way to spot them than with a paddle or swim in the water. Other activities include bush walking and outdoor movie nights.

Getting around the island by foot is a great way to see everything but if it’s simply too hot to do so there are plenty of golf buggies around.

Overall Daydream was a pleasant island to stay on. It was easily accessible by ferry from Hamilton Island and many of the extra reef and Whitsunday tours in the region include pick up from the island’s main wharf. One of the more affordable hotel options in the area, it provides a great escape to the beautiful Whitsundays.


Daydream Island Resort and Spa

Whitsundays, Qld

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