Getaway From Sydney: Canberra

Only a three hour drive from Sydney, Canberra might not be the first destination you think of when planning a weekend getaway but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be.

The drive to Canberra passes national parks, beautiful native scenery and a glimpse of life in the bush. Once in Canberra, the traffic begins to build a little and there’s a significant slowing of the pace. No one is in a rush in this city. The man-made city is easy to navigate with a couple of main streets and round-a-bouts intersecting through the city.

Most hotels and motels include parking and are located in the city centre near the shopping district but you’ll still need your car to get around. In Canberra, everything is spread out. 


Political buildings are free to enter and include Parliament House and Old Parliament House. The War Memorial is located nearby too. 

Museums charge an entrance fee and can be quite expensive depending on what you’re used to paying. Questacon is a childhood favourite although it doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll still find it fun. The interactive science museum continues to be one of the city’s most endearing attractions. The Dinosaur Museum, CSIRO and Cockington Green are all located near each other and worth a visit, family or not. 

Canberra is a small garden city which makes it easy to see everything in just one weekend. So buckle up and head south next time you’ve got a weekend to spare!


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