Aurora Chasing in Tasmania

Ever wanted to see an aurora but can’t afford the plane ticket to the Arctic?

Read about my aurora chasing adventure in Tasmania and Bruny Island in the latest issue of Australian Country Magazine! The team and I spoke to some of the most experienced Aurora Australis hunters and photographers in the country. Hear their tips for seeing and capturing the perfect aurora.

Australian Country Magazine

You’ll find Australian Country Magazine in Australian and New Zealand newsagents or online here.



2 thoughts on “Aurora Chasing in Tasmania

  1. […] Watch for the Aurora Australis on a clear and cool night. A lot of the time the aurora can only be seen through a camera only but during a stronger solar storm there are lights visible to the naked eye. We spotted the aurora from Howden and Tinderbox in late October. Check out the story I wrote on aurora chasing in Tasmania in the mother’s day issue of Australian …. […]


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