How I keep busy on the plane

Flying from Sydney to anywhere else in the world (usually) takes a long time. So how does one kill time on a long haul flight? Here’s how I keep busy:

  1. Switch on that reading light
    I always take a book away with me, whether it’s an audio book, an e-book or a good ol’ fashioned paperback. It’s easier for me to read during the day but there’s a reason for that reading light so put it to good use and switch it on. For my book recommendations, find me on Goodreads!
  2. Grab the popcorn!
    I don’t often get time to watch movies and TV shows so I like to spend night flights catching up on anything I’ve been meaning to watch. Netflix now allow users to download shows offline which is perfect for iPad users like myself! Otherwise, make use of the in-flight entertainment while you can!

    Flying over the Great Barrier Reef
  3. Catch those Zs
    Although I’m not very good at it, I always try to get some sleep on long haul flights. It helps fight jetlag if you time your Zs right.
  4. Write your thoughts
    I always keep a travel journal on my trips and every holiday starts with a flight so it’s the perfect time to start jotting things down.
  5. Listen to some tunes
    If there’s anything that goes hand in hand with travelling, it’s listening to music. Make a holiday playlist or listen to that new album you haven’t had time to catch up on.

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