Must Eats in Singapore

Singaporeans love their food and there’s a good reason why! There’s so much to love about their cuisine but here are a couple of dishes you simply must try! The best place to grab your affordable and local feast is at a hawker centre which you can find inside shopping centres and below office and apartment buildings.

Chilli Crab
Known to the western world as Singapore’s national dish, Chilli Crab doesn’t come cheap. There’s an abundance of seafood available in Singapore and most are served with a side of chilli or chilli sauce. Order the dish if you can handle the heat.

Delicious hot pot in Supertree Grove, Singapore

Hot Pot
Although mostly associated with Chinese cooking, we had the most delicious and diverse all-you-can-eat hot pot in Singapore. Located within the grounds of Supertree Grove, the restaurant is outdoors which means you can take in the beauty of the garden and the lake while you eat. You also get a free dessert with your meal!

Singaporean pork and noodles
Noodles make every dish so much more delicious and that’s also the case in Singapore! Order pork and noodles for a hearty, delicious lunch or traditional dinner. 

Ice kachang
Picture a snow cone served in a bowl and topped with Singaporean flavours including sweet corn, jelly and white fungi. The combination may sound weird but it tastes absolutely delicious!

Milo Dinosaur
If you’re an Australian who loves their Milo, grab yourself a Milo dinosaur. They’re amazingly refreshing and something you’ll find yourself recreating at home.

Sugar Cane juice
The sweet and refreshing beverage is delicious and a great compliment to any meal. You’ll find yourself craving a fresh sugar can juice in the humidity. 

Singaporeans like their coffee strong, made with condensed milk and served in a plastic bag. I probably wouldn’t recommend you rush out and grab a bag of coffee unless you love your drinks super sweet. 

What are your favourite Singaporean foods? Let me know in the comments below.


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