Venice: Base Hotel Review

Stylish, modern and unlike any Italian hotel you’ve ever stayed in

Italy often gets a bad wrap when it comes to hotels and understandably so. They’re usually very small, very outdated and very out of the way. But there’s one Italian hotel I stayed in which put the rest (and the stereotype) to shame.

Base Hotel Venice offered all of the comfort of a standard three star hotel without the hefty price tag. To be fair, the hotel wasn’t located really close to main Venice but when the city is literally floating, you have to expect that you are going to need to travel by boat to get to a few things.

The stylish and modern bathroom in Base Hotel, Venice

The walk in shower was a blessing after experiencing the smallest, squishiest and shortest showers in all of Europe. We were finally able to stand and move about freely. The large bed was long enough and wide enough to sleep two people. We stayed in the standard double room and it was perfect. Mind you, that could be because we’d been travelling throughout Italy before visiting Venice. It’s by no means the world’s best hotel.

We didn’t eat at the hotel (it’s Italy, there’s amazing food to be eaten elsewhere!) so I can’t offer a review on that. We were on a tour to Venice so we had pre-payed coach and ferry transfers to the main island of Venice and back. Be sure to look into that before staying at the hotel. You are saving on accommodation but you might have to make up for it in the transfer fees.

Overall I give the hotel three stars.

What’s your favourite Italian hotel? Let me know in the comments below!


Base Hotel Venice
Via Rialto, 24, 30020
Noventa di Piave VE, Italy

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