Jetstar Airways Review

The little plane that can

Jetstar Airways now service many routes both domestically within Australia and internationally so I’ve broken the review down accordingly.

Jetstar’s domestic planes are small but relatively roomy in the leg department. Knowing that you’ve saved so much money on your ticket is enough to make up for the lack of free extras. I’ve never had a problem with their super simple online check-in and I’ve never had my flight delayed or cancelled so they’re definitely reliable. I’d recommend giving Jetstar a go if you’re travelling for no more than three hours, any longer and you’ll be craving the luxuries and space that come with more expensive flights.

Jetstar’s Dreamliners service their international routes. I’ve flown Jetstar internationally to Japan and back. From Cairns to Osaka and Tokyo to Sydney the flights were comfortable and spacious. The screens are large but you‘ll have to pay extra for entertainment, or do what I did and bring your own! Food is also not included but plane food isn’t that great anyway so avoid it all together and bring your own on board. Flights from Sydney to New Zealand do not come with the comfort of a Dreamliner but flight times are much shorter so it’s not really a huge deal.

Jetstar recently announced they would increase the infant fee on all flights. You can read more about that here.

Overall I think Jetstar is a reliable and affordable provider. In the flight department, you always get what you pay for but I think Jetstar are doing well to keep flights as comfortable as possible on a budget.

I give Jetstar three stars.

What are your thoughts on the budget airline? Let me know in the comments below!


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